I acknowledge that the TAD program is owned by TECHVED Consulting India Pvt. Ltd. (TCIPL). The concept and mannerism of the program, web material, content, study material, syllabus, questions, the format of TAD courses, study kit, links and all relevant data, which student comes into access during this course, shall be the exclusive property of TCIPL.

I acknowledge that the information provided by me in the enrollment form is complete, true and correct.

I understand that, if the details on the enrollment form are incomplete, my application may not be processed. I understand that TCIPL shall be sole and final authority regarding confirmation and continuation of my admission.

I understand that the personal data on this enrollment form is collected for the purposes of course enrollment, and I consent for this data to be processed and stored by TAD Courses for the purpose of TCIPL’s internal administration.

I further consent for this data, including, without limitation, course performance or score or photographs/videos taken/recorded by TCIPL for the purpose of allowing TCIPL to verify my course result and to carry out enquiries in relation to suspected malpractice.

I understand that TAD reserves the right to withhold enrollment and course results temporarily or permanently, or to cancel course results which have been issued if they consider those results to be unreliable for reasons of suspected malpractice or any other irregularity in the course process.

I understand that in exceptional circumstances or due to technical difficulties I may be required to re-take one or more tests of TAD Courses.

I understand that if I am suspected of engaging in any form of malpractice, or do anything that might damage or attempt to damage the reputation and security of TAD programme of TCIPL, I may not receive a course result, I may be prohibited from taking TAD’s courses in the future.

I understand that the fee which I have submitted as the enrollment fee is non-refundable. I further understand and acknowledge that in any case if I wish not to continue TAD Courses irrespective of any stage, the enrollment fee shall not be refunded.

I understand that study kit i.e. (web links, login credentials, videos, books, contents etc.) provided to me shall be limited for my personal use only. I further acknowledge that I shall not share the said TAD study kit.

I understand that the certificate and result of the course shall be informed to me on the email address provided by me while filling the initial form. TCIPL shall not be responsible if I have incorrectly provided the email. I understand that I may view a copy of my certificate and answer sheet by contacting https://www.tadcourses.com. I understand that a fee may be charged for access to this information.

I understand and acknowledge that I shall use only one browser at a time. I have read the guidelines of operating of TAD Courses.

I understand and consent that TCIPL shall record video of my session, which includes the recording of my screen to keep a check on unfair means and carry out enquiries in relation to suspected malpractice.

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